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Thursday, 19 January 2017

What features should you factor in while purchasing a flat in zirakpur??

It is very easy to be overwhelmed by a lot factors when considering to invest in a new flat for residing in zirakpur chandigarh. In terms of location, quality of construction, number of rooms, size of rooms and neighborhood, the project have to satisfy many criteria’s.

How your neighborhood is around your home will impact your life in a big way. When going for site visit one should evaluate the neighborhood for necessary connectivity to basic shopping needs, flats with easy access to zirakpur highway and direct connectivity to closest medicare facilities in zirakpur or chandigarh. Does the location provide easy access to nearby entertainment spots, to enjoy a refreshing Sunday after a long week. If you want to visit temple or religious place every morning, then you should prefer a location which offers walking distance time to nearby religious place. As such good roads will provide easiness when you are driving towards your office or college and institution. Flats on zirakpur chandigarh highway provides easy access to chandigarh with just few minutes distance time from your car or public transport.

If the project is a closed residential society, then see if the society is active and promotes cultural activities.
Gated communities offers peace of mind for some, while some prefers independent house, or a penthouse which is free of any outside disturbance. This feature should also be included in ones criteria when purchasing a home.

When purchasing a flat in zirakpur one should always consider the position of real estate market. As many would know, real state market is cyclic which means that the prices vary from time to time and to location. Sometimes prices for some flats may jump up as high as 400% in just a year and can also go 400% downright if there is recession. The falling of prices is achieved in a shorter time like just 1 year but it takes a lot of time or rather many long years to achieve high price. When prices are at cyclic bottom, always buy flat at this time, if you have spare cash or you can avail home loan which is also available at low interest rates because of less number of buyers. If you are looking for a small flat or a penthouse in zirakpur, then this time offers you the opportunity to grab a home at your favorite location for the best prices.

Availability of buyers in recession is low because many companies are closed in this period, wages are lowered with many being not able to keep up with the high emi cost. Most real estate companies offers huge discounts in this period as they want to clear the inventory of old flats. The sale discount on these flats can be as high as 20-30% of original launch price. So that the choice of buying your dream home becomes less hefty.

These are some of the factors that should be kept in mind when purchasing a new home. By analyzing these points and waiting for the right time to buy a home will leave cherishing impact on your future life.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Top 5 ways to save energy in a small flat in zirakpur

While considering the recurring expenses on a flat purchase most people fail to realize that they can considerably reduce their costs by investing in renewal energy sources for their home. Cost of energy in which electricity have a major share is the most significant to consider when choosing to invest in renewal energy for home. For heating purposes you can choose from many alternatives such as geo-thermal and solar power. However even without using these alternatives you can save energy at home with the below given simple tips or energy conservation ideas.

Windows and doors
The entry doors and windows have a major effect on indoor energy savings. The alignment of doors and windows can cause air to seep in while winters and cause loss of heating in a room. With bottom sweep installed on a door, the heat can be prevented from escaping from seeps and thus increasing energy efficiency rating of your house. Types of curtains also play a huge role in energy saving especially in a small 2 bhk flat. If you are using curtains that allow sun light to enter the bedrooms, it can significantly reduce your need to use room heater thus providing additional savings in electricity. Also, in summers if you are using curtains that do not allow hot sun rays to seep through, you can save additional costs on cooling the house which also helps a lot in energy and expenses savings. 

Walls Insulation
Insulating walls can cause a huge change in your energy usage. When the walls are properly insulated the heat and cold remains constant inside the house within the desired levels. This in result potentially saves a considerable amount of recurring energy costs.

Using energy efficient appliances
Bigger appliances especially refrigerator, air conditioners and air filters consume a lot of energy. The older versions such as old as 3 to 5 years old are also less energy efficient when compared to newly launched models. Also, when purchasing these appliance always look for energy efficiency rating. The better the rating a product has the lesser the energy consumption will be.

Saving water dripping
If you think that dripping faucets are not a big concern, then think again. A dripping faucet wastes a significant amount of water overnight which could have been used for the right purpose. Also the energy needed to clean water for suitable use is very high, which is also wasted when water is not used efficiently. By eliminating and dripping faucets both in kitchen and bathroom can reduce these energy expenses related to cleaning water and overall helps the nation to save energy. 

Turning off Lights
To keep using lights even when not in use, causes a huge amount of electricity expense both to the consumer and the nation. When you leave the room, switching off the lights is a best habit to follow. Also by using energy efficient led bulbs, one can save quite a lot of electricity.
Although these are some of the very basic ideas to conserve energy, they are the most important ones. You would be amazed to know that these little changes can help you save as high as 30% percent in your monthly energy expenses. You will also be helping our future generation by efficiently using natural resources and setting an example for them to follow by saving energy.